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Ship Ins:

When shipping in your product for servicing, make sure it is properly packaged.

Insured mail is preferable, in case of accidental damage.

Rule of thumb is approximately 3 inches of tight packing all the way around your product.

There should be no empty space in your package…fill any voids with packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap.

We will not take responsibility for any units that are received broken or damaged.

*When packaging irons make sure the tip of the iron is well padded and secure in the box.

*For heavy/large units (Ex: automatic espresso machines) it is acceptable to ship in the original manufactures box and packaging. We ask that the manufactures box is placed inside another outer corrugated cardboard box. This gives the package more stability, and keeps the integrity of the packing in place.

Ship Out:

We offer shipping within the United States via UPS and USPS.

Rates vary.

*We do not ship to Canada.

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