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Clipper Blade Sharpening

Clipper Blade Sharpening and RepairHere at Action Small Appliance, we are an OSTER “Certified” Master Blade sharpener with over 30 years
of clipper sharpening and clipper repair experience.


We use a Factory Designed Industrial Lapping Machine that duplicates
the same Hollow Ground Sharpening process that the OSTER Factory uses.


Our sharpening process delivers the sharpest edge available, so your Clipper Blade
will be returned to you like New. “Guaranteed”


Our Clipper Blade Sharpening Process:


  1.  We look at the condition of the blade, i.e. are there broken teeth, is there rust,
    are they dirty and are there any missing parts.
  2. The blade is disassembled and cleaned.
  3. We sharpen the blade
  4. We clean, sanitize and oil the blade.
  5. We reassemble the blade.
  6. Then we check the spring for tension, the socket and hinge for wear and make adjustments as needed. These parts are only replaced if they can’t be adjusted.
  7. Finally, we test the blade for sharpness on a new clipper using a specially manufactured ribbon, that emulates hair. Each tooth on the blade is tested to make sue it cuts.


We will have your blades sharpened and ready in 5 business days.


Trimmer blades 1 1/4″ $6.50


Reg. Blades 1 1/2 to 2 1/2″ $7.00


Horse and Sheep Blades (Wide) $10.00


Contact us today to help you have the sharpest clipper blades possible to make your job as easy as possible!


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